LaBounty Stamping Guide

Stamping GuideOne of the more vexing problems of the Gunsmith is marking the caliber on a new barrel.  Nothing shouts out amateur like poorly aligned letters and numerals.  Two excellent methods are the pantograph and electro-chemical marking.  The cost of either method is cost prohibitive for the small shop owner. 

The design of the LaBounty Stamping Guide allows for good alignment and proper spacing of characters, at an easily affordable price, for even the smallest shop.  Shims between letters and numerals allow only a fixed spacing.  Our guide uses opposing screws to adjust the spacing of the letters and numerals.  This means that placing the “W” of Winchester next to the “i” in Winchester will let you space these different width letters just right.

The directions that are included with the LaBounty Stamping Guide are reproduced below to illustrate the simplicity of use.

Space 1/16th, 3/32nd and 1/8th characters with one tool.  No loose shims…positive screw adjustments  provide precise spacing plus custom spacing.


  1. Clamp the spacer on the rifle barrel, jig, fixture or part where you want the lettering to appear.  Viewing ports are provided to make accurate positioning easy.  A pencil mark on the item to be stamped at your desired starting point can easily be seen through these ports.  A “C”-clamp can be used on flat surfaces for holding the stamping guide.  Slots are provided for a U-bolt to clamp the guide on round parts.
  2. Insert the long leg of one allen wrench into the set screw in the end of spacer with the viewing ports.  Position the short arm to 12 o’clock.
  3. Insert the first stamp and wind the R.H. set screw moderately tight against the stamp to trap it between the two screws.  Strike the stamp.  A four ounce hammer is recommended.
  4. Loosen the R.H. screw one turn plus a little more.  Remove the first character stamped.  Turn the L.H. allen wrench one turn, that is the short arm around once to 12 o’clock.  This advances the screw 1/16th inch.  Trap the second letter with the R.H. screw and strike the stamp.  It is a good idea to write out your message and numbers and put a check mark over each character as you stamp it.

For spaces between words turn the L.H. screw two turns.

For caliber marking on rifle barrels, such as H & H, advance the screw on and on half turns between letters. One turn looks to close and two turns to far apart.



Note the semi-circular cut-out on the bottom of the end with the viewing ports.  This clearance allows you to position the characters closer to the receiver ring on bolt rifles.

Some situations may require stamping to L.